Internship Profile: Tumblr

By Georgina Ustik

The job:
I am an Events Production intern for Tumblr for the Fall and Spring of this year. 

Past experience: I study Art History and Visual Arts, and previously I have interned for various art galleries around Manhattan and the Athena Center. 

How I got here: I got this internship through contacting a former Tumblr intern and Barnard alum, who put me in contact with her previous manager. 

What I do: As the Events Production intern,  I go into work two and a half days a week at the offices in the Flatiron District and I also occasionally have to work weekday nights at events (they’re always really cool events, so I don’t mind!). For my job I assist the Event Producer and Head of Community Outreach and Marketing in producing live music and arts events for the online community. I also do general work for the Marketing and Community departments. These live events have included a Cage the Elephant concert in Nashville, NYFW events, and a House of Cards season 4 premiere party. Most typically my job consists of ordering catering, alcohol, decorations, etc. I also have to research vendors, coordinate deliveries, help to set-up spaces, and sometimes act as a bouncer (this can be really fun). During down time, I work for the Social Media Strategist and go through and reply to fan mail. 

Why I love it: Working for Tumblr is great, because despite it being a social media platform that serves almost half a billion blogs all over the world, it’s a relatively small company (about 250 people). Everyone is incredibly smart and creative and excited to work for a company they love. Being under the umbrella of Yahoo also means that there are very comfortable workplace benefits – paid internship, beautiful office space, free food, etc. There are also some pretty incredible opportunities – I was able to attend fashion week (where I stood next to Lady Gaga for 20 minutes!), see the premier of Pusha T’s “Darkest Before Dawn” short film and meet tons of people from Tumblr’s online community. It’s incredible to work for a place that so many people are passionate about. 

Would I recommend this job?: I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone at Barnard who is into Tumblr! I’m all about community building, whether online or off, and plan on pursuing a Masters in New Media studies next year, so the experience at a blogging platform full of creatives and fandoms has been invaluable. The people are also wonderful – I’ve met many great friends that I will be sure to stay in contact with!