Internship Profile: New York Magazine

By Austen Tosone

The Nuts and Bolts: Every Monday and Wednesday, I take the 1 train all the way from 116th Street down to Canal Street to the Hudson Square offices of New York Magazine. This semester I’m working as an Online Editorial Intern and I assist editors across all verticals of the website including The Cut, Vulture, The Science of Us, and Grub Street. 

Daily Grind: One of the tasks that I can often be found doing is transcribing interviews. I’ve gotten to listen in on some cool conversations between editors and people like Chrissy Teigen (model), Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool) and Lyn Paolo (Costume Designer for Scandal). Transcriptions often get split up among the interns so it’s never too much work and seeing a transcription-turned-article go up on the site is a cool feeling. Interns also have the opportunity to attend events or panels that need coverage for the site as well as pitch ideas to editors. 

Fashion Week Is No Joke: The busiest day I’ve had so far was during New York Fashion Week where I was helping The Cut editors by confirming editor’s attendance at shows, printing out tickets, creating schedules in chronological order and running last-minute errands for the team as they geared up for the craziness of the week ahead. 

“Pinch Me” Moment: Last week I got pulled into Editor-in-Chief Adam Moss’ office for a cover focus group. We were choosing the cover for the “Best of New York” issue and I joined a random assortment of editors, managers and writers to offer our insights as to which cover might be best and why. It was awesome they included interns in the discussion and I felt like they really took all of our input into consideration 

Networking With Peers: It’s also been great getting to meet and connect with the other interns who are all living in New York and who have either just graduated or are finishing up school at Barnard, Columbia, and NYU. It’s great to banter with them about 90’s television shows we wish would make a comeback and the latest and greatest trends from the Fashion Week runways.