By Maria Adetunji

Since the previous century and in to the 2000s, everyone has been on the fur train. Now it's 2017, and fur is mostly faux, it's much cheaper, and it's making its way into everyone's must-have list.

The trend is about more than just keeping you warm -- it's about style and swag. Celebrities like KimYe and Cardi B are taking fur fashion statements to the street, and you can rock the look too! 

Where to Shop

Although the trend looks expensive, it doesn't have to be once you know the right places to look. Thrift stores are a great place to start, and New York has loads of options. Urban Jungle (part of the L-Train Vintage family) has a plethora of fur coats and vests, and ponchos in stock. They are affordable for everyone with most ranging in prices from $18 to a $40. They have stores in the East Village and all over Brooklyn, and an online store too. Another thrift option is Buffalo Exchange. They have fewer options to choose from, but their coats are also pretty affordable, starting from $30 and going up.

Urban Jungle - $75

Urban Jungle - $75

If you prefer to be a first-time owner, there are lots of local options to choose from. Zara and Urban Outfitters are millennial staples, and with the changing weather, expect spring sales! Plus, for those of us who prefer to shop whilst in class, check on ASOS online, and make sure to use that student discount!

Urban Outfitters - $109

Urban Outfitters - $109

How to Rock It

There are many ways to wear the faux fur look, it just depends on what you are going for. For a casual day look, try pairing it with sneakers, skinny pants and a simple top or sweater that compliments the colour of the fur. Don't be scared to add a chain or a baseball cap for the cool streetwear look.

If you want to go for a more edgy look, pair a coat with some thigh-high boots and distressed jeans. Some over-the-top sunglasses will take the outfit to another level, and some dramatic hair and make-up to top it off. 

For a formal fit, opt to style it with a fancy dress or jumpsuit with some heels. As the weather begins to look more like spring, trade in the coat for a vest and the dress for a simple skirt. 

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