Astrology Meets Art: Museums in the City for Every Zodiac Sign

By Lila Etter

Have you ever wondered which NYC Museum should you visit next? With so many to choose from, it’s sometimes a toss-up. But, by searching within and examining your star sign, you can figure out how to plan your next museum excursion. Find out below which museum could be your perfect match!

The New Museum — AQUARIUS

Your rebellious nature and independent spirit make you the perfect fit for The New Museum. All about striking out on their own, this Bowery institution is funky on the outside -- a ship?! Really? -- and on the inside. Also, you’re an aquarius, so you’re probably into all that new age stuff.

The Met Cloisters — PISCES

Pisces is that one friend who actually reads poetry. Otherworldly, romantic, just like a fairytale. What could be better for a daydreamer Pisces than a museum that literally has unicorns on the walls. The Cloisters truly belongs in the Enlightenment era, and so do you!

The Whitney Museum — ARIES

The Whitney has made itself known for its scandals -- remember Schutz’s portrait of Emmett Till in 2017? It’s less that the Whitney is scandalous, and more that it does things just to be provocative. Sound familiar? An Aries tend to know all the right buttons to push… and all the right boundaries. Push! The Envelope! Also an Aries has, like, over 1k instagram follows for absolutely no good reason.

The Guggenheim — TAURUS

You’ve got expensive taste ($18 for STUDENT admission? For real?) Though you may seem too pretentious for real friends, you somehow have so many friends. You’re also philosophical to your core, which might just mean you quote Foucault, like, a lot. Too much.


You’re all over the place, gemini. In the best possible way. No one can can tell what you’ll do next. PS1 -- MoMA’s weirder, cooler, more alt museum in Long Island City -- throws the best parties, just like you!

The Frick Collection — CANCER

The Frick feels like a home (because it was one!) which is perfect for homebody cancers who just want to be cozy and warm all the time. I mean, c’mon, everything is velvet in there. What gives?

Metropolitan — LEO

The Met is and always will be the most famous of all NYC museums, which is a fitting choice for a Leo, the lions and shining stars of the zodiac. Showy and proud, Leos need an iconic place to strut, and the Met steps are perfect. Also, if you’re a Leo you’re probably in debt -- don’t worry, so is the Met, and they seem to be doing just fine!

The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum — VIRGO

You’re known for your rationale -- probably the one your friends go to for sound advice. This logic and practicality makes you the pragmatist of the group. You’re organized so your design skills go far beyond just a simple powerpoint layout. Graphic design could be your passion ;)

The American Museum of Natural History — LIBRA

Right next to the park but still on the West Side, you’re classy but understated. Look at that rustic brownstone exterior, ooh la la. You’re also indecisive -- are you a science museum? A history museum? An art museum? All of the above, I guess! Regardless of your chosen path, you’re all about the ambiance (have you SEEN that planetarium??).

The Met Breuer — SCORPIO

Scorpios are kind of... intense… like, all the time. The Breuer’s recent “Obsession” exhibition (which featured nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso) is a perfect example of this intensity. Also, with its glamorous downstairs cafe and moat-like patio, the Breuer is better at night. Go ahead, visit in the evening, and order an espresso from the Flora Bar -- we know you want to, Scorpio.


Oh, you’re a Sagittarius? Do you even have an indoor voice? A problematic fave just like you, MoMA is charming and revered just as much as its criticized. No one can deny the museum’s appeal, the same way no one can avoid the fact that it’s definitely a capitalist enterprise based on male-dominated practices (see Duncan and Wallach’s riveting scholarship on “The Museum of Modern Art as Late Capitalist Ritual”). A sagittarius is the friend who says they’re joining the finance/corporate world “to fix it” … but jury’s still out.

The Brooklyn Museum — CAPRICORN

Capricorns are disciplined, ambitious, and unbelievably industrious. These qualities tend to make them suuuuper successful, but hardly anyone knows just how successful because they’re so low-key about it. That’s the Brooklyn Museum. Bit of a loner, all the way out there in BK, but it’s okay, we still love you.