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By Kania Rimu


Ever wonder if there’s a difference between the drugstore and high-end brand of mascara? Need some inspiration for winter outfits? Beauty bloggers on YouTube have got you covered. There is an overwhelming amount of beauty content on Youtube, so it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s a breakdown of few of my favorite YouTubers who can help you contour, pick an outfit, or learn about the newest beauty products.

Freddy My Love

Freddy Cousin-Brown is a London-born model, dancer, and beauty blogger and also one of my favorite beauty and fashion icons. Her style is playful, girly, yet mature. Her videos are very upbeat and clad in millennial pink, and she has a bright and cheerful personality to match. Her channel is gaining momentum, as she has almost reached a million followers. On her channel you can find a lot of try-on hauls and outfit lookbooks. If you tend to wear light colors and model your style off of Elle Woods, Freddy has the inspo for you.

Patricia Bright

Despite the saturated market for beauty bloggers, Patricia continues to stand out and has reached over two million subscribers. Her popularity can be attributed to her vibrant personality and her unfailing honesty in every video. Her best videos are her clothing and makeup reviews, where she gives her uncensored opinions on various popular brands. If you’re unsure about a brand’s quality before purchasing it online, check out Patricia’s channel because odds are she has already tested it out and will give you the low down.

Safiya Nygaard

If you regularly scroll through Buzzfeed during class, you will probably recognize Safiya from their “Ladylike” channel. Since leaving Buzzfeed, Safiya has created her own YouTube channel and has proven herself as a beauty guru of sorts. Her wit will keep you entertained along with her willingness to do crazy experiments like dressing up like store mannequin for a week. While most of her content is mostly just entertaining, you can definitely learn a few things from her.

Claudia Sulewski

With the highest follower count of anyone of this list, Claudia is definitely well-known in the beauty and lifestyle community on YouTube. Her videos are super helpful when it comes to health, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. She frequently posts hauls, makeup tutorials, and vlogs about her life. She also is an avid promoter of self-care, as she always includes tips on wellness and health. If your style is on the funkier side yet still trendy, Claudia can provide some major style inspiration.

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