The Cutting-Edge, Retro, Girl Next Door

By Lucy O’Connor

Celebrities are categorized differently by each individual’s perception of society. There are many celebrities that just circulate our sphere of consciousness and often go in and out of focus as trends come and go. But, when true talent comes along to shatter our preconceived notions of the typical “celebrity,” it is hard not to take notice.

Celeb looks.PNG

For many, that celebrity is SZA. Some might only recognize her by her melodious tones or her relatable songs about love and lust. For others, it’s her perception of style and fashion that sets her apart from the constant spandex, bodycon, “naked dress” trends of today and makes her so relatable.

A Vogue interview with the singer back in 2017 eloquently described her style as “vintage-inspired tomboy swag.” A combination of oversized overalls with a baggy sweatshirt suddenly becomes an iconic fashion statement when she embraces it.

You can wear it too! With or without the name brand, you can still rock the oversized overall look. Combine that with a classic, oversized, gray hoodie and you’ve got the look completed. One item not referenced in her photo is shoes. To finish off the look, combine her look with FILA sneakers or really any style sneaker that suits you!

In another interview with Dailies in 2014, SZA was discussing her long and difficult road to self-acceptance. She explained, “A lot of people end up stumbling into empowerment through exile.” The public eye criticizing the way she looked before and after her big weight-loss was something she never really got used to. Owning her own style and self-representation was the only way she could feel empowered.

This road-trip-esque outfit epitomizes the trends of today with the classic fanny pack and sock-like sneakers, while also flaunting regular closet items with a fresh new flair.

For the third and arguably the most on-trend fit of her OOTDs on Instagram, SZA shares a spontaneous picture. The image shows her in a frilly, feminine, floral dress paired with a contrasting “dad” sneaker (as the trend likes to title it). She pulls it off with a casual pose and natural hair and makeup.

And you don’t have to pay designer prices to get the same look! Pair any loose, floral, maxi dress with a classic “dad” sneaker and the look is complete!

Finally, of the more admirable qualities that this pop star possesses, her draw to charity and public service are what set her apart from other popular celebrity styles. She has yet to release this merch, but according to Hot New Hip Hop, all of the proceeds are going to charities that help protect our oceans. Not to mention, these Champion jackets are right on trend…

So, whether you identify with her “tomboy swag” style or you are just looking for inspiration for your next go-to look, SZA has you covered. Her looks are accessible and don’t have to be outrageously expensive. She’s all about feeling comfortable in the skin that you’re in and that’s the most important part.

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