Steps Style

By Evanne Subia


The diverse fashion seen on the staircases of both Barnard and Columbia’s campuses perfectly reflect the individuality that exists among the students. Whether its Butler, Barnard Hall, Low, Milbank, or Milstein, you can find Barnard students serving looks that express their unique style.

Meredith Phipps is pictured here on Low steps in her favorite look: an oversized Ralph Lauren dress, a Barnard “B” sweater, ballet flats, and pearls to tie it all together. Mere describes her style as preppy yet functional, always prioritizing comfort. She typically shops at Uniqlo, however, now and then she will splurge on some Ralph Lauren to maintain a level of elegance in her day-to-day style. Meredith keeps her look classic by adding pearls and red lipstick to any basic outfit. Her favorite trend currently is higher end joggers; Meredith will take any excuse to wear sweats without sacrificing that timeless style.


When it comes to fashion, Kennedy Yaeger choses to stick to the “Four C’s”: comfortable, cute, and color-coordinated. Here on the steps of Barnard Hall, she has on a maroon sweater, a classic pair of jeans, matching maroon socks, and boots. You can typically find her shopping at Hollister or Forever 21; however, Kennedy’s favorite article of clothing is a beige, chenille sweater from H&M which allows her to be cozy yet still put together. While searching for pieces, Kennedy’s mantra stands: “If it’s fuzzy, I want to own it.” Kennedy’s favorite trend currently is wide-legged track pants with the buttons along the sides. Although she does not own a pair herself, she has a love for people who pull them with confidence.

Evident from her look here, Margaux Pisciotta is a thrifting queen whose style has been referred to as “Crunchy with a Classic Twist.” While enjoying the view from Butler steps, Margaux has paired a cozy cardigan with a plain black top, a dark denim skirt and her white vans. One of her greatest thrifting accomplishments happened at her home Goodwill in Wisconsin; she scored a $3,000 Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket for 10$. When asked what her favorite fashion trend currently is, Margaux responded: “I have no idea what the current trends are!”

Raina Liu, pictured here on the steps of Milbank, quite simply describes their style as “confused, dapper dan, sk8r boi… and gay.” Their go-to look is a classic sweater, black pants and sneakers. Raina prioritizes comfort yet likes to keep their outfits put together, minimalistic and on brand. Typically, Raina will shop at H&M or American Eagle when they need a new look; they’ve been on the hunt for a cool pair of wide-legged, patterned pants.


Tristen Pasternack, pictured below, finds fashion to be an integral part of her life: “Every day, my outfit represents my mood and what I want to portray to the world.” When asked, Tristen’s friends describe her style as “70’s Inspired Philly Thrift” which is easily seen here as she pairs a collared, boldly printed shirt with corduroys, a denim coat, and her favorite cowboy boots as she poses on the steps in front of Diana. Tristen typically wears clothing that has sentimental value to her and finds most of her pieces from thrift stores, her friends’ closets, or while traveling. When it comes to today’s fashion trends, Tristen supports the emphasis on individuality that seems to be taking over; she loves seeing people wear whatever makes them happy.

Evanne Subia