Swiped Right Style

Aliya Schneider

I was a pro at the Tinder Game, whatever that means. Right when I was tired of the cheesy pick-up lines and accidental swipe-rights, I met my boyfriend on the notoriously disappointing hookup app. There are people on Tinder whose bios say “We all know why we’re on here”.... but do we really? If Tinder is only meant for hookups, why do they have a Contact Us option just for success stories? Why have I made literal FRIENDS on Tinder and what can explain all the other couples that have met there as well?

I believe that everyone on Tinder is there for a different reason, and most people don’t know their reason. I sure didn’t. I wasn’t looking for a relationship when I downloaded the app, but I also wasn’t looking for a one-night stand, or a hook-up, or an international buddy to tour around the city. Quite frankly, I still don’t know why I was on there. It gave me something to mindlessly turn to. When it felt like too much effort, or even too little effort, I’d get annoyed. But I kept swiping and swiping and swiping…

So if you’re going to go to the lengths and efforts of actually (gasp) meeting up with someone you swiped right on, you will likely fall under one of following intentions. The One Night Stand, The First Date, and The ?????. Surprisingly often it is quite hard to discern between the three, so all I can do is to encourage communication. And give my outfit advice. Everyone’s style is so different that this may mean nothing to you. While not always the most fashionable, (how do you even define fashionable!?) I am a pro at dwelling on what to wear, so I’ll give you what I’d dwell on if I were in the following situations.

The One Night Stand

You’re going to their place for some Netflix and Chill (blech) and want to wear something you feel sexy in… and then not in. Make sure to bring safe sex supplies with you such as condoms, dental dams, and lube, and remember that consent is the most important. Just because you wear anything similar to what I’m showing or even flat out tell someone you want to have sex doesn’t mean you are obligated to do anything.

I’d recommend something simple, comfy, and casual, yet sexy.

If you’re going straight to someone’s place, go for something more comfy like a crop top and your favorite pair of pants. Black is safe, but red is fun. I was shook to find this cute top for $20 at full price at Urban.

UO Step Sister Ribbed Cropped Cami: $20


If you’re going out first, go a velvet or denim one piece like this chic dress from Forever 21 or short skitall from Fashion Nova. I never knew what to call skirt-overall things, psh, you learn something new every day.  

Forever 21 Striped Crush Velvet Dress: $10


Not Gonna Chase You Skirtall: $32.99


There isn’t anything as appealing as a posh fuzzy jacket. While I tried to keep the items on here affordable, this one is a whopping Urban Outfitters Full Priced Item, so try Buffalo Exchange or your favorite consignment shop for something equally flattering and comfy.

UO Wilma Floral Hooded Zip-Front Teddy Jacket $79


*In case I didn’t elaborate on this enough, wearing clothes like this does not warrant anyone to expect anything from you, duh.

The First Date

I’m serious, they happen! Mine was at a gnocchi restaurant and improv show, and I had frantically changed from my sweaty internship button-down shirt to a floral off-the-shoulder dress with a beige lace bralette and a denim jacket. I kept my hair down, but clipped it out of my face so I wouldn’t be playing with it. I also got lost getting there, so leave extra time if you’re relying on the subway lines on the weekends, or during the summer, or during rush hour, or ever. It’s hard to tell if someone is just asking you out to dinner as an excuse to get in your pants or to actually get to know you, so keep your guard up (depending on what you’re looking for) and be your awesome self. You don’t owe anyone anything! Maybe you’ll be meeting your new best friend, partner, or maybe you’ll never talk to them again, but hopefully you got some good food out of it.

This dress is way more elegant than what I wore, but if I had this I would have worn it every day I went anywhere this past summer. This maxi dress looks flowy and comfortable, and super sexy.

Forever 21 Floral Surplice Maxi Dress $38


I’m from Vermont, and when you need something you usually end up at Wal Mart. We don’t even have a Target! This bralette is super comfy and the price has lowered since I got mine! It comes in a bunch of colors as well.

Wal Mart No Boundaries Cross Back Lace Bralette with Removable Pads $5


If you’re not a dress person but want a sexy flair, go for one of these H&M off-the shoulder tops. Apparently animal-print is making a comeback, and there’s nothing like a good cheetah print.

H&M Off the Shoulder top $9.99

Off the shoulder: https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0708366004.html

I adore these midi-length pleated skirts. Pair it with a simple sweater and you have a precious first-date outfit.

H&M Pleated Skirt $39.99


The ?????

The meet-up, hang-out, coffee, walk, John Jay, ?????. You want to meet up, but you have no idea what this is. You don’t really want to have an idea of what this is, or could be, until you meet this person in the flesh. Wear something that passes as a day-to-day outfit that you know you feel good in. That way you can pass it off as just making time to meet someone it doesn’t look like you dressed up for the occasion, but if you like what you see and hear, you feel like you’re killing it.

There is nothing like a good-fitting mom-jean cuffed above your favorite pair of boots.

PacSun Mum Blue Mom Jeans $38.46


Why even wear jeans when joggers can pass as stylish despite how sweatpant-esque they can feel? Go for a clean pair of joggers with a simple top that brings out your favorite fit.

H&M Joggers $12.99


If you want to show some of your personal style, wear a graphic tee that makes you feel like your best self and throw in a pair of big earrings.

H&M Cotton T-Shirt Black/NASA $5.99


Who cares if you don’t dress like this everyday? They don’t have to know that. This sweatshirt looks super casual yet it is so hip. Pair it with whatever you’re feeling- jeans, joggers, even a plaid skirt.  

H&M Hooded Sweatshirt $19.99


The most important thing to remember in all of these situations is to wear what you feel comfortable in. Whether that’s a bodycon dress for a walk in the park or sweatpants for a bar, wear whatever makes you feel your best. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it! Hate these ideas? Need more guidance? Feel free to send your Tinder outfit stories to ads2229@barnard.edu